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Schedule for Tetun courses in 2018

All courses run from Monday to Friday, except when there is a public holiday.

The following table shows the schedule of courses for the first part of 2018, with the starting date for each week. If you have special requests for dates, please let us know. In particular, if you have a group of people of comparable level, are studying for three weeks or more, or are travelling from overseas, we normally try to accommodate you even if your level does not fit the advertised schedule.



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5
 Jan8th  Beginner + Intermed. Low15th Beginner + Intermed. Low22nd Beginner + Intermediate

  29th Beginner + Intermediate 
 Feb 5th Beginner +
Intermed. Low 
 12 th BeginnerIntermed. Low 19 th Beginner + Intermediate

26th  Beginner  + Intermediate


5th Beginner + Intermed. Low

12th Beginner + Intermed. Low

19th Beginner +Intermed. Low26th (No course for Holy Week)

2nd Beginner + Intermediate

 9th  Beginner + Intermed. Low

16th Beginner +

Intermed. High + Advanced

23th Beginner + Intermed. High + Advanced

30th (1st is holiday) Beginner+ Intermediate
 May 7th (10 th is holiday) Beginner + Intermed. Low 14th  Beginner + Intermed. Low 21st  Beginner + Intermed. Low 28th  Beginner + Intermediate 
 Jun4th Beginner + Intermed. Low 11th  (15th is holiday) Beginner + Intermed. Low 18th  Beginner + Intermed. Low25th  Beginner + Intermediate

We also have lots of good material for advanced courses. If you are interested in a course at that level, please let us know, and we will try to schedule one around your preferred dates.

Future courses will be advertised closer to the date. Please contact the registrations officer for further information or special requests.