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Recordings for vocabulary and dialogues

for Peace Corps East Timor Tetun Language Manual (edition 2, 2011)


Production: Shabnam Hameed.

Voices: Shabnam Hameed, Jacinta Canossa, Anabela Maia Santos, Catharina Williams-van Klinken, Alexandre F. Cham, VenĂ¢ncio Pereira, Janio Tilman, Viriato Pereira, Carlos Marçal.

These files are on YouTube, with sizes ranging from 4-8MB. To download, you need an addin for downloading YouTube videos, available for free on the internet.


The recordings are also available on Dili Institute of Technology's CD from DIT ($10) or from various shops in Dili.

PDF file of vocabulary and dialogues

Full Peace Corps East Timor Tetun Language Manual.







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