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Note: New editions of all our Tetun books were produced in 2015, to reflect a minor revision in the spelling system used. The main change was that Portuguese 'nh' and 'lh' are now written the same way in Tetun (e.g. senhora 'ma'am'. In earlier editions, these were written with 'ny' and 'ly' (e.g. senyora) to avoid confusion with the few native Tetun words that have an n-h sequence (e.g. bainhira 'when').

This lists only publications available for free download. 

  Tetun dictionaries and glossaries

CD coverTetun-English interactive dictionary

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, 2019, 3rd edition.

This interactive Tetun-English dictionary was produced with the assistance of many people. It currently has 11600 Tetun headwords plus 1200 sub-entries, and 12700 English entries. There are 5400 cross-references to related words, such as words with similar or opposite meaning, as well as 3200 example sentences. You can search for words through Tetun or English. On the non-Android version you can also search by categories such as health or agriculture.

Download installation file here for Windows. (You may need to uninstall any earlier version first, then install this one as administrator.)

Download HTML files here for a less elegant option that runs on more platforms.Google Playstore

The Android version for edition 3 is not ready yet, but you can download edition 2 here from Google Playstore, and it should update automatically when the new edition is online. 

We are hoping to have an Apple version in the near future.

Wordfinder coverWord-finder Tetun/English

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, 2015, 2nd edition.

Word-finder is a pocket-sized mini-dictionary designed for beginner and intermediate learners of Tetun and English. With some 4500 Tetun headwords, and 4900 English ones, it focuses on generally known vocabulary on everyday topics.

It is available for about US$5-$10 from bookshops in Dili, or can be downloaded here. Alternatively, for bulk orders, contact us directly for a discount price of $3 per copy for orders of 30 or more, and $2.50 per copy for orders of at least 100. For larger-print copies, the discount price is $4 for orders of 30 or more, or $4.50 for orders of at least 100.

Download: bookcover

Tourism coverGlosariu turizmu no hahaan / Tourism and food

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, Helio Brites da Silva, Cesaltina Martins Tilman, Martinha Rodrigues Rebelo Santos Silva, Marta Cardoso, Anabela Maia Santos and Justino da Silva, 2016.

This glossary contains 500 tourism and 700 food and cooking terms in Tetun, Portuguese, English and Indonesian. It can be bought in book form for about $10, downloaded as a PDF file, or run as an interactive program.
Download as PDF: book, cover.

Download installation file here (5.7MB) for Windows 7, XP, Vista, or here for Android.

Download HTML files here  for other platforms.

IT coverGlosariu informatika / IT Glossary

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, Marcelo Fernandes Xavier Cham and Saleh Abdullah Alkatiri, 2015, 2nd edition.

This glossary has over 700 computing terms in Tetun, Portuguese, English and Indonesian. It can be bought in book form for about $10, downloaded as a PDF file, or run as an interactive program. 
Download as PDF: book, cover.

Download installation file here (5.7MB) for Windows 7, XP, Vista.

Download HTML files here for other platforms.

Glosáriu eleisaun nian: lia fuan kona ba eleisaun [Electoral glossary]

Independent Electoral Commission & UNDP (written by Catharina Williams-van Klinken, in conjunction with Nuno Gomes, Fransisco Luis Fernandes and Bernardino Menezes), 2002livru.
Download book.


Peace Corps coverPeace Corps East Timor Tetun Language Course, with recordings and flashcards

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, 2015, 3rd edition
This comprehensive Tetun course written for English-speaking foreigners covers a wide range of everyday needs, as well as an introduction to more specialised areas such as administration, education and agriculture. It is available in book form for about US$20 from various shops in Dili, East Timor, on CD together with the recordings and flashcards, or can be downloaded here.

Book: Download book (10.8MB), cover (7.3MB). 

Or dowload parts of book as smaller files of less than 1MB: CoverFront matter - chapter 5

Chapters 6-1011-15, 16-2526-35, 36-45, 46-Appendix

Recordings for vocabulary and dialogues of chapters 1-10.

Flashcards for vocabulary of chapters 1-12 (Prepared by Peter Sullivan, using Cuecard), Download as .ZIP file (869KB).

Memrise program for learning vocabulary. 

Book cover

Tetun ba eskola ho servisu 1

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, Leoneto da Silva Ribeiro, Cesaltina Martins Tilman, 2015.
This book is designed to teach study skills and Tetun writing to first-semester university students. Chapters cover the history of Tetun, principles of spelling, methods for learning vocabulary. goal-setting, formal and informal speech, showing time relationships between clauses, writing narratives, looking for information in books and articles, taking notes from written and spoken texts, and writing summaries.

Download book, cover.
Book cover

Tetun ba eskola ho servisu 2

Catharina Williams-van Klinken, Leoneto da Silva Ribeiro, Cesaltina Martins Tilman, Teófilo António Soares Maia and Melky Fridus Ladis Costa Akoyt, 2016.
This book is designed to teach study skills and Tetun writing to second-semester university students. Chapters cover writing descriptions, reports and procedures, using paragraphs, critical thinking, doing job interviews, numbers, writing literature reviews and bibliographies, translation, and ways of translating passives into Tetun.

Download bookcover.

Tetun for the Justice Sector coverTetun for the Justice Sector

Catharina Williams-van Klinken together with Alexandre Fernandes Cham, Anabela Maia Santos, Hendriana da Costa Marçal, and Jacinta Canossa Soares, 2015, 2nd edition.

This book, produced cooperatively by the Timor-Leste Police Development Program and Dili Institute of Technology, is designed to teach Tetun at intermediate level with special emphasis on policing and justice. It includes chapters on the structure of the government and the national police service PNTL, violence, arrest and detention, traffic, resolving problems within the extended family, interviewing, and search and seizure.  

 Download  book, cover

Atividade hodi hanorin lingua (Language teaching activities)

Luann Gronhovd, 2003. Dili: Peace Corps East Timor.
  • Download.
  •   Grammar of Tetun Dili

    Discourse Structures of Tetun Dili

    Catharina van Klinken and Olinda Lucas, 2020. Dili: Dili Institute of Technology.
  • Download.
  • Tetun Dili: a grammar of an East Timorese language

    Catharina van Klinken, John Hajek and Rachel Nordlinger, 2002.  Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 520.
  • Download.

  •   Grammar of Tetun Terik

    A grammar of the Fehan dialect of Tetun, an Austronesian language of West Timor

    Catharina van Klinken, 1999. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, C-155 .
  • Download.

  •   Resources for English

    DIT English grammar teaching guide: Tense, aspect and frequency

    Peter Coenradi with DIT English language teachers, 2019.
    This teachers' guide presents the main tenses and aspects in English, comparing them with Tetun ways of expressing similar concepts.
    Download  book

    English III for Tourism

    Ken McIntyre, 2013.
    This students' workbook was produced to aid tourism and hospitality students in learning English at semester 3 level. It covers topics related to air travel, timetables and schedules, hotels, restaurants, travel documents, charts and graphs, and writing skills.
    Download  book

    English III for Petroleum

    Ken McIntyre, 2013.
    This students' workbook was produced to aid petroleum engineering and petroleum management students in learning English at semester 3 level. It covers topics such as measurements, comparisons, tools, production and transportation, graphs and charts, employment, safety, and writing skills.

    Download  book.