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Tetun courses for foreigners

Dili Institute of Technology offers year-round intensive Tetun courses at all levels.

All courses are one week long, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels being taught in separate weeks, and each level divided into sub-levels to cater for differing proficiencies. The schedule is available here.

Methods: Most teaching is in small groups, with a variety of teachers and methods. Classes are almost completely monolingual in Tetun, but the book and some written material are in English. You need to be able to read English, but will not need to speak it.


Tetun teachers

The teachers are  Alexandre Fernandes Xavier Cham ("Alex"), Marta Cardoso, and Basília Aurélia Simões.

Determining your level: For anyone other than absolute beginners or those who have recently done a course with us, we will schedule a brief interview before the course to determine your level and sub-level. To get an approximate idea, see the descriptions here.

Times: 8.30 – 12.30, Monday to Friday.

Cost: US$120 per week, payable on the first day of the course.

Textbook: “Peace Corps East Timor Tetun Language Course”, $17.50, available at the course or Sylvia Photocopy shop, or downloadable here.

Location: Aimutin campus of Dili Institute of Technology. For directions and map click here.